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Cairo Modern art In Hollnad

    Sabah Naiem
Sabah Naiem's photographs, articulated with ink and paint, as well as her
assemblages of balls and strips made of newspapers and magazines, are driven by
an overriding concept - media manipulation of intellectual and physical spaces.
Remarkable for integrating a tremendous amount of detail, Naiem's work verges on,
but manages to avoid, becoming purely decorative. The artist ties together her
various photos and assemblages with a recurring circle motif that suggests the
cyclical rhythms of the sun and the moon.
This artist critically considers the impact of objects and images from different
vantage points. Her use of English text and its multi-layered legibility connects her
to the global art market, making her visions accessible. But she is also offering a
comment on the pervasiveness of English that has - through the Internet and
satellite communications, with their specific cultural references - claimed an
increasingly dominant position in Egyptian media and public space.
Egyptian advertisements and book covers demonstrate the priority given to text
over image, with particular priority given to names - a dramatic contrast to the more
visually driven western world. In Naiem's work, the viewer is confronted with a
brilliant dissection of current discussions about how information and concepts are
transmitted between cultures.