Occidentalism: Contemporary Artists From Egypt  

By Gallerist Karim Francis

Photo by : Aleya Hamza


Relations between East and West. 2007

We live in a world where our judgments of the Other, the West, differ wildly. Where our expressions of acceptance and rejection, submission and rebellion, grow ever more strident. This may be due to the political and economic pressures facing the world today. Everything has new features, and the face of things has been changed and modified to give people different, often contradictory characteristics, which often bear no relation to their original form and character. Making judgments thus becomes even more difficult in the light of these variables and the rapid succession of events. No wonder, then, that the Other, the ‘East’ - as outlined and reformulated by politics, is frequently viewed with suspicion, not to say eschewed, and perhaps occasionally approached in a search for the truth.

This work is based on the concept of acceptance and rejection of the Other, East or West, or, in other words, illusion and reality in a dual perception. Photographic images are used in a quest for the reality and essence of things.

Sabah Naim